Monday, April 4, 2011

A Birthday

Today is my youngest child's birthday.  Jackie is 25.

I remember very well the year I turned 25.  The year before, Valerie Bertinelli was quoted as saying that she finally felt like a honest to goodness adult when she had her 25th birthday.  And the next year when mine rolled around I knew what she meant.  Up until that time I was in my early 20's which sounds like a young person still and that is what I felt like.  The concept of not feeling like an adult until then is ridiculous for me - I was married at 18, had my first child at 19 and had three children before I was 25.  I was doing all of the adult things, but all the while I was feeling like a child.

Since I have gotten older, I think that feeling like an adult mostly has to do with being at home with yourself.  Feeling confident in who you are.  And in who you are not.

Jackie has been that kind of adult for a long time.

Happy Birthday, Snap!

Jackie with Lily and her newest nephew, Bennett.