Friday, April 27, 2012

White shirts on the beach

One of my favorite vacation memories is a beach trip I took with my sisters, Jackie, and Abbie.  Hard to believe, but that trip was almost five years ago!  Sarah was living in Colorado and couldn't join us.

So much has happened in those five years.  Some of it really good, some of it really hard.

On this day we had not met Corey or Dennis.  We didn't know how much we could love Lily, Daniel, Bella, or Bennett.  None of us lived in Philadelphia and none of us had plans to.

Ovarian cancer had not touched our lives.

We are all still here, though.  I thank God for that.  And if we all live until September we will go on a cruise together, this time with Sarah and Mom.

And I hope we will all wear white shirts and have our picture taken.


  1. I'm bringing my white shirt! :)

  2. I was pregnant in that picture and didn't know it yet. ;)