Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hiking in Sitka

Last week when I was thinking about our trip to Amsterdam, I started thinking about other trips we have been on.

In July of 2009 we went on a cruise out of Seattle up to Alaska.  I love to go on cruises.  The ships fascinate me and I like to search about and find the 'perfect' spot to just hang out.  On this ship, we made our home in the library which had wall to wall windows and very comfortable lounging chairs.  From our perch we could see the whole vista in front of the ship.  Many times, it was absolutely breathtaking.

Before we left home I did a little research on the best things to do at the different ports of call.  One guide book mentioned a hiking trail in Sitka.  We left the ship, walked past homes, a school, a small grocery store, got to the end of the road just before a beautiful little cemetery, and found the Gavan Hill Trail.  My book said that the view from the ridge was beautiful and we headed off on our 2 mile walk.
I don't get out on many Alaskan trail, but I have never seen one so well maintained.  There were many steps on dirt trails, but much of it was had boardwalks and steps.  We could hear a stream gurgling and lots of singing birds.  If I think really hard, I can still feel the woodsy, cool feeling of the air.

Before our trip, though, while I was reading guide books about wonderful hiking trails in Sitka, Daryl was reading about watching out for grizzly bears while in Alaska.  The undergrowth along the trail was thick in places and, to Daryl's wary eye, looked like a perfect spot for a rabid grizzly bear to lurk.

Needless to say, we didn't stay on the trail long enough to see the view from the ridge.

Maybe that is one thing that makes our marriage work:  I provide the adventurous spirit that lets us both experience some new places and Daryl keeps us alive to enjoy more adventures!

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