Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Princesses

Last night the girls in the family went to see the Disney princesses in a show in downtown Montgomery.  Lily and Bella were so excited to see Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle.  Lily was dressed in her best twirly skirt, Bella was wearing her silver, sparkly shoes.  They oohed and ahhed over the other girls dressed up in their best princess costumes.

I feel blessed to be a part of such small excitements.  I never thought that I would have the opportunity to be a daily person in the lives of our grandchildren, but I am.  We see each other at church, we drop in at each other's houses, we run errands together, we have slumber parties, we feed the chickens.  

We are family and we are familiar.

During the finale of the princess show, the entire cast came out on stage dressed in their most beautiful, sparkling costumes.  The lighting was wonderful and the overall effect was magical.  Lily had climbed in my lap and I asked her, "Lily, isn't that beautiful?"

She responded, "All of their dreams are coming true!"

Mine are, too.


  1. Bella's still talking about how she's not happy that Sleeping Beauty wasn't included. :) I'm so glad we went ... another good memory to add to the list! and even more glad that you're a "daily person" in our lives! love you!