Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter was full of thankfulness and of family.  Here, in no particular order because I can't seem to get blogger to cooperate with me today, are some pics of the day.  Ben and Abbie were there, too, but I didn't get good pictures of them.  Sorry, guys!

Easter lunch has been at JoJo's house for years.  When I turned the corner into her little kitchen, I found all of these pretty girls helping to get lunch on the table.

 Bennett took a nap during the egg hunt, but he was ready to play when he woke up.

When you wear a white skirt and don't want to get it dirty, you can always sit on your uncle.


  1. Lily slowly backing up to sit on David was so funny! like she thought if she was smooth enough about it, maybe he wouldn't notice! :)