Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A birthday quilt

Several months ago I asked Sarah and Abbie to go through my embroidery threads and put together some color combinations they liked.  That way, if I ever made something for them, I could put it together with colors they like.

I decided to make a lap quilt for Sarah's birthday and it was so much fun to make it, knowing that the colors were some she would like.  The bonus for me was that I liked them, too!

The quilt is very scrappy and I was able to use a few fabrics that will have some meaning to her.  There are a couple of pieces from the bedding she used when Daniel and Bella were born and another piece from a dress of Bella's.
Wouldn't this quilt look good laying on the ground with someone taking a nap on it?  Ahhh.....makes me sleepy!


  1. I really can't express to you how much I LOVE IT! and it makes good couch naps ... I tried it out yesterday! :)

  2. Such beautiful work, Cindy! I know Sarah, Abbie, Jackie and the little girls (and the guys too) always enjoy anything that Minnie has made for them! Love you!