Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A puppy!

I have been lonely since Shiloh died.  At first I just missed her terribly.  Over the past few months, though, I have missed her company out here on our little farm. 

She was always with me when I was outside.  I never walked to the chicken house alone.  I never went for a jog by myself.  Even while I cut the grass, she was close by.  While I absolutely love my home place and being away from the busyness of the city, I need a friend to share it with me.

Today, I am meeting my new friend.

He is an 11 week old miniature Australian Shepherd and I will meet him in a couple of hours.
I'm so happy!

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  1. We're so happy for you and your new puppy. Daryl told us about him while he was at the house. They are great companions and I know this little fella will be a joy - what's his name? Can't wait to read the updated post on his arrival at the farm! Hugs!