Monday, April 29, 2013

A new place to lay

For all of the years we have had chickens, they have laid their eggs in an ancient laying box.  Well, maybe not ancient, but really old.  More than fifty years ago Daryl's family had laying hens and this was one of the boxes from way back then.  But, those boxes were made for big egg production and the spaces were cramped and dark.

Our chickens deserve better.
So, with some help from Jonathan and Daniel,
Daryl built an egg-laying spa retreat.  I love it!  Ollie loves it!

Judging by the number of eggs we are getting, it is a big hit with the girls, too.  We are getting between 18 and 21 eggs every day now!  We are having eggs for breakfast and quiche for dinner.  And sharing with our friends.

That is my favorite part.

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  1. jonathan is laughing so hard - at Ollie, and when I explained what "spa" and "retreat" meant. :)