Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter strolling

Yesterday was a perfect day to be outside.  I have loved not having so many outside jobs to do every week.     That has left more time for getting some things organized around the house and for some sewing projects.  But when the temperatures are in the mid-70s in January, I just had to get outside for a while.

Our house must be fairly well insulated because there was a chill in the air inside, but the air outside was warm.  When I stepped out, I felt like I just wanted to put a blanket down on a sunny spot of clover and take a nap.

This tree is at the edge of our yard overlooking a steep drop-off down to the creek.  I have always wondered who lives in this hole.  Surely someone does.

I read a tip on how to photograph your animals and it said that if you will make a quiet little sound with your mouth, they will sometimes look at you and cock their head.  Wow!

In the case of my dog, she will cock her head one time, then run away.  To get her to look back at you one more time, you have to make a loud sound with your mouth.  Something like, "LOOK AT ME!"  That method works one time, too.

The log that Shiloh is standing behind is an old pine tree that fell in the woods many years ago.  At this point it is a whole tree of 'lighter wood', or 'fatwood'.  This stump is very hard and full of resin.  When you cut a piece off of it, it smells just like turpentine or PineSol.  Sometimes the smell reminds me of junior high.  They must use PineSol to clean up after junior high kids.  We use it as kindling to start our fires in the fireplace.

I think it is beautiful.

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