Friday, January 20, 2012

In search of broom straw

I know that most people go to Target when they need a new broom, and usually I would, too.  Today, though, I decided to take a couple of little people and go in search of broom straw.  I had been seeing some that looked about right in a field close to home so we went on a hike to check it out.

We have used the same straw broom for years to clean up around the fireplace, but it is getting a little frayed and I have been looking out for some straw to replace it.  One thing I was looking for was that it be tall enough.  Looks like this will be just fine.

On the way back to the house Daniel sang a little song that went something like this:

I am helping Minnie.
She likes it when I help her.
I am a good helper.

That is why grandmothers love grandchildren.

Bella made a little nest in the grass.

And here is the finished product.

 Looks like I need to use it :)

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