Monday, January 9, 2012

An April weekend in January

I hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours!  The weather was unseasonably warm so we puttered around outside some.  Not much, just a little.

Daryl had gotten a good deal on some pansies so we planted them outside the front door.  The only problem with planting flowers is Shiloh tends to think of flower beds as dog beds.  She thanks us profusely, digs a little hole in the soft dirt, does about three turns, and then plops down on the fresh plants.  We have found some thin, green bamboo garden stakes that we usually put out among the plants  That works pretty good at keeping her out.  We're all out of those right now, though, so Daryl built a fence.  Don't you love it?

Don't worry, I'll be headed to Lowe's soon to find some more bamboo.

Saturday was The Girls' Day Out.  They love to peck around in the yard, and I feel like a better mom if I let them out to be free every once in a while.  Everyone was in a friendly mood and we had some up close and personal time together.

When we came home from church yesterday, the horse posse had returned.

I went out to have a little chat with them and made a new friend.  I think I'll call her Rose.

She was even closer than this picture makes it seem like she was.  Really.  We snuggled a little and had a good talk, and by nightfall, they were all gone again.  Are they running away from home or just visiting with some new friends?  I wish I knew.

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