Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Last week Jonathan, Lily, and I did something we have never done together, but I hope we will do lots more in the future - we went to the movies!  All three of us were VERY excited.  It was their first time at a movie theater so the whole experience was very new.  On the way I heard some great conversation in the back seat....

Lily:  Jonathan, at the movie the TV is as big as the WHOLE WALL!!!
Jonathan:  Ooohhhh!

Lily:  Minnie, I'm wearing Minnie Mouse panties!
Me:  That's great, Lily
Lily:  Girls wear panties, boys wear underwear.
Jonathan:  That's right, Lily.
Lily:  My daddy wears underwear.
Jonathan:  And I wear underwear.  Let's think of something to talk about.  Let's talk about trees.  Look, I see some trees as big as mountains!
Lily:  Yeah!!

This picture is poor quality, but so funny to me.  It is also sweet, but mostly funny.  The picture I took before this one was too dark and Lily told Jonathan that he wasn't smiling.  I caught this one as she was making sure that his smile was okay!

We went to see Winnie the Pooh, but couldn't find any posters or signs of that movie.  They liked the Lion King sign, anyway.

After the movie we met PawPaw at IHOP where both kids got smiley face pancakes.  Gotta love that!

While we were eating, we had my favorite conversation of them all.

Daryl:  Was this the first time you went to see a movie?
J&L:  Yes, sir!
Jonathan:  And this is the first time I have been to IHOP!
Lily:  Thank you for bringing us!
Jonathan:  Oh yes, thank you!
Daryl:  Well, this is a really good day, isn't it?
Jonathan:  Yes, sir!
Lily:  And we're all together.

Yes, we were.  And I'm so thankful.


  1. WOW, the side ways look Lily is giving Jonathan favors Jackie at that age so much! Even the one with her head on Daryl's shoulder...Oh, how the time has flown! Miss those days! Miss all of you! Love, M

  2. Sooo Sweet!!!! I remember some sweet boys and a sweet girl just like them about 20 years ago.