Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day for Harry

My rooster has earned a new name.  I now call him Harry.  As in Harry Houdini.

The last time you saw him he was safe in his new home learning how to live next door to all of his girlfriends.

Within a couple of days he had escaped and was experiencing freedom.  Not exactly where he wanted to be, but not in his solitary confinement, either.

We put him back in his pen.  He got back out again.  The problem with his escape is that he was putting himself in danger from malicious varmints and out of reach of his water and food.  Not very smart.

His escape has become a great mystery to us.  The place where he was living has been a chicken pen for months and no one has gotten out.  And now that we have put him back in there with the passageway between the pens open, he is staying in there.  We have looked all around the wire walls and can't find a hole anywhere.  I even went inside the pen and got down on a rooster's level.  No success.  As far as we can see, the only way out is through the door.

Which could only mean one thing:  someone is fighting for his independence.  And there are only a few possibilities for who would do that.  At the top of my list is all the other chickens.  They may be smart enough to know that letting him out puts him in danger.  And that would mean no more Harry.  And their lives would be much more peaceful.

Of course, it could be Shiloh, Daisy, or Midnight, too.  At this point everyone is a suspect.

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