Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Food Dreams

I had a colonoscopy yesterday morning.  And, boy, did it put me in a bad mood!  Not because of the procedure itself, but because of the preparations for it.

As much as I hated drinking the gunk you have to drink, the worst part to me was that I was told that I had to have a restricted diet on Saturday and couldn't have any solid food at all on Sunday.  On the weekend!  What were they thinking?

All week I worried about if I could survive a day without eating.  I wondered if I would remember to not eat.  I kept feeling like I would mindlessly start munching and not even know it!  To prevent this I wrote down what I would eat on Saturday night and Sunday.

Saturday supper - Cream of chicken soup
Sunday breakfast - hot tea
Sunday lunch - chicken broth
Sunday supper - Sprite
Snacks - Water and Sprite

There are times that are very instructional to me about my most basic makeup and this is my lesson learned over the weekend:  I don't eat to live, I live to eat.  I read cookbooks like novels, hanging on every word and ingredient. There are so many recipes to try and so little life to try them in!  One of my relatives and I have talked about how different we are in this way because she mostly cooks the same few things each week with a rare new recipe thrown in.  I love to try new recipes and will try a new way to cook an old favorite at the drop of a hat.

I knew how disturbed I was when I started dreaming about food!  I dreamed one night about chicken-fried steak and last night I dreamed about chili dogs.  

Life should be back to normal for the rest of the week and, hopefully, these dreams will stop.  I am already thinking about the salmon I want to grill for dinner tonight....


  1. not looking forward to the day I have to start having those done! ahhhh!

  2. Ugh - I'm with you girlfriend! Got to schedule another one due to some diverticulosis 5 yrs. ago. I argued, of course, "I haven't had any pain; do I have too!?!" "Yes," doc says, "then if all is clear you can wait 10 years!" "But some friends have only had to take 2 pills...I don't want to drink that junk again..." So, I'm checking into the pills - the procedure is fine - a good sleep. But sure wish I loved to cook and try new things...I'm like your friend who does the same thing all the time, unfortunately..love you and hope all is well otherwise! Dream on, friend! :)