Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ireland - Part One

After a partly rainy, mostly sunny week in Ireland we came home to a mostly rainy, partly sunny week in Alabama.  And that can only mean one thing:  I have cut my grass two times in three days.  The last time I cut it was yesterday morning.  When we went out this evening I noticed that the grass has already grown a couple of inches.  So, to the grass I would like to say one thing and that one thing is this, "I have other things to do!"

Like go through my pictures of our vacation!  Here are the highlights of the first two days.

The first night of our trip was spent in an airplane over the Atlantic talking to a sweet girl from Limerick, Ireland.  By the time we landed I was speaking with an Irish accent.  The next three nights we stayed in the Killarney Park Hotel.  The hotel was right in town so we were close to lots of shops and restaurants.

We ate lunch the first day at The Laurel's Pub.  

After lunch that day we went to this castle in a national park.   It was the beginning point of a trip that included riding in a small open boat across three lakes and then riding in a jaunting cart around the lakes.

Don't mistake the expression on Daryl's face as one of pleasure.  What he is thinking is, "I can't believe we are out here on this rainy, windy day on a large lake with big waves in a small boat.  If I ever get my feet on dry land, I will never let my wife talk me into this again."  Essentially, his smile is an evil one that means that he wants to kill me.  I, on the other hand, was having the time of my life!

The current was really strong as we came through the arch under the bridge.  And the tourist on the bridge was being really silly.

The scenery was beautiful.

This house was the end of our boat trip,

and the beginning of our jaunting cart trip!  The cart holds two people on each side and the driver jumps up in the middle of all of you with the reins and a little whip.  It was very cozy :)  One of those situations where I laughed almost the entire time.  Partly because it was funny and partly because it was so much fun.

This house was along our cart ride.  I think I could live there.

A Killarney traffic jam:  Cars and horses sharing an 8' wide road.

Instead of branding the sheep, they were painted!  The paint washes right out of the wool.

Kate Kearney's Cottage was at the end of our road that day.

More pics tomorrow or the next day...... depending on how fast the grass grows!

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  1. Sounds and looks like so much fun!! I am again, so proud that you and Daryl are able to have such glorious trips and enjoy this time of your lives! I'll live vicariously through the two of you, cause honey, it ain't happenin' for us! LOL Love to you both!