Monday, November 14, 2011

The wasp

(Gary Larson cartoon)

Today while I was driving around Montgomery I was stopped behind a Nissan Maxima at a red light.  A wasp was flying around the back window of the car, trying desperately to get out and the driver seemed oblivious.  

As we pulled away from the light I noticed how unconcerned he was about the angry wasp.  He carefully pulled out into the crossroad after looking both ways and drove fairly slowly right in front of me.  When he sped up a little I couldn't see the wasp anymore, but I was certain I was about to see the car start moving erratically around the road.

That didn't happen, though.  We got to another red light, I still saw the wasp in the back window, and was curious about how he couldn't hear the buzzing sound that mad wasps make.  As he pulled away from this light it occurred to me that he might have his music too loud to hear the danger.  When he moved to the right lane and I passed him, I could hear the boom-boom of the bass in his car.  He was clueless.

I tried to think if I knew any sign language that I could have used to let a stranger know that he was about to get stung, but I don't.  At the next light I turned left, he turned right.

The end.


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  2. the abrupt ending had me laughing out loud! :)