Friday, November 11, 2011

My kind of popcorn

I have heard people from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania say that the colors this fall are some of the prettiest they have ever seen.  It is the same way here in Alabama.  No one travels to our wonderful state to go on a Fall Foliage Tour, but they could!  We are past the peak, but I am awestruck every time I step out my door.  This picture is SOOC - no touch-ups at all - and just look at the brilliant color!  (Just thought I would throw in some camera talk.  SOOC=straight out of the camera.  That is the extent of my camera lingo and I felt the need to use it.)

In our little part of the world there are several types of trees that have pretty colors in the fall, but none any more beautiful than the popcorn trees.  Such a better name than Chinese Tallow, don't you think?

This morning I celebrated 11:11:11, 11/11/11.

Not really.  I wouldn't know how to celebrate a time of day that has no significance to me.  But numbers and time are interesting to me for some reason.  My birthday is on October 3 and almost everyday I see 10:03 on the clock.  Why is that?  And sometimes I almost can't keep myself from noticing people's license plates and saying the numbers to myself.  Okay, that sounds crazy enough that I think I should stop sharing.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I actually try to see if there is any kind of mathmatical formula that their license plate would work in. Like if their numbers are 374, the formula would be 3-7+4=0. See? You are only slightly crazy. The crazy scale goes much higher. :D