Friday, November 18, 2011

Lessons from boot far

1.  Boot camp is hard.  Tough.  Killer.

2.  I really like exercising with my friends.  When I think I can't do one more push up, I look over to Cheryl, or Abbie, or Jenah, and sometimes I see them struggling, too.  That keeps me going.  More often, though, I see them just doing it.  That keeps me going, too.  As hard as it is, and as red as our faces get, and as nauseated as we feel sometimes, we keep laughing.  Sometimes we laugh because that is better than crying.  We laugh because we feel so silly and awkward, but  I think we mostly laugh because we are having fun.

3.  My days have been so much more fulfilling to me since I started the boot camp and it is because first thing in the morning I am doing the thing I want to do least.  When I used to exercise on my own I would find something, anything else to do before I exercised.  Boot camp is over at 6:30am and then my day really begins.  I've done the hardest thing, and feel good about myself all day.  Some days around noon or so I think my old thought, "I really need to get some exercise in today", and then I realize that I have already had a one hour killer workout.  It makes me happy with myself.

4.  Boot camp is only two days a week so on the other days I have committed to myself that I will jog.  Since we live in the country, I can look silly without caring!  When I listen to We Live by Superchick I can lift my hands in the air when they sing, "Life is such a gift, so how does the story end, well this is your story and it all depends.  So don't let it become true, get out and do what we were meant to do!"  When I listen to YMCA by The Village People  I can make the Y, the M, the C, the A with my arms.  And did you know that the lyrics say, "No man does it all by himself.  Young man put your pride on the shelf"? That's me -- exercise with some friends and look stupid without caring!

5.  When it comes to exercise I have been too easy on myself.  I will get winded, or sore, or weak, or tired and I will quit.  I should expect more of my body.  What might have been easy at 25 years old is really tough here at 50, but tough certainly doesn't mean impossible.  Generally, I push myself pretty hard to accomplish the results I want, but when it comes to staying in shape, I have made excuses.  I know that boot camp is a step in the right direction, though.  I am under no delusion that I will keep this up, but now I know that I can do more than I was expecting of myself.

A new session starts on January 2nd.  Anyone else want to join us?

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