Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The flying snake

I hate snakes and I don't need anyone to tell me how beneficial they can be around the farm.  I have cats to kill rats and cats don't slither in the grass.

When I walked outside today I saw this "little fella" in my path.  The weather was warm yesterday, today is cooler, and I think he was caught out and unable to move very well.  He doesn't appear to be poisonous, he is mostly paralyzed, and in an extremely rare act of mercy, I decided to move him.  Not kill him.  I had planned to take him to the edge of the woods, explain to him the grace that had just been extended, and leave him there.  I found a stick and picked him up.

Just then, I had a brilliant thought of taking his picture.  As I put the stick down with my mind focused on getting the camera, I totally disregarded the springyness of the stick.

The stick bumped the ground, bounced, and the snake flew in the air.  Oh, not so high.  Only about eye level.  And only about 6 inches from my face.  I am certain that hidden cameras could have caught me doing my oh-there-had-better-not-be-a-snake-on-me dance.

I refuse to be undone by a baby snake, however, so I still took his picture.  I did not, however, take him to the edge of the woods.  He is back in the grass where I found him.  I have noticed that, for me, one clumsy act is usually followed by others and I'm not risking him landing in my hair next time.


  1. NO! NO! NO! No way! I might never go outside again.

  2. hahaha! daniel will enjoy this story!