Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our spoiled bunny

Ollie only likes clover flowers.  He will eat the green part of the clover, but he really only likes the flowers. 

I thought that he loved all of the clover.  Every time I go out to see him I pick a big bunch of the green goodness and feed it to him.  He always seemed happy enough.  But, last week Daniel and Bella picked some clover for him.  Daniel did like me and picked bunches of the whole plant.  Bella, on the other hand, picked only the flowers.  When they went in with Ollie to feed him, he went straight for the flowers and actually growled at Daniel for trying to feed him the green parts.  

I did a little experiment with the silly rabbit and gave him a mixture of flowers and green tops.  He ate the flowers and hopped away, leaving a big bunch of fresh clover.

Just on the other side of the fence, watching this whole escapade were some chickens who had not been given any clover, yet.  They would have been thrilled with Ollie's leftovers.

While I watched this happening, I thought about myself.  I wondered how many times God has given me a gift that I didn't appreciate.  Probably daily.  Just watching Ollie, and seeing the chickens' reaction to his arrogance convicted me to do better.

And Ollie had better straighten up, too.  This rooster looks to be in a mood to teach him a lesson!

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