Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bath time for Della

Yes, this picture is fuzzy, dark and just low-down not very good.  But, it was the only way to snap one of a chicken taking a bath.  Miss Della here doesn't want me to take a picture of her taking a bath, a sentiment I can totally understand.

A chicken bath can be a long, drawn out process.  First she digs a shallow tub in the coolest dirt she can find.  In this case she is under the trampoline.  Then she sits down in her bath tub and uses her feathers to throw dirt all over herself, in and around every little feather.  Then comes the soaking.  She just sits and enjoys the peace and quiet.  After her little soak she stands up and fluffs her feathers up until she is a round ball of a chicken.  Then comes the shaking off of the dirt.  This process makes a little dust storm that surrounds her whole body in cool, dry cleanliness.


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  1. Same logic as that dry shampoo stuff, eh?