Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wedding Crasher

Two years ago today a squirrel fell from a tree here in the Walnut Grove. 
They are usually such nimble creatures, jumping from tree to tree, limb to limb, without so much as a misstep.

But, on October 24, 2009, the excitement of the day and the beauty of the ceremony were absolutely overwhelming.  Even to a surefooted squirrel.

While the minister spoke some of the most sincere and kind words ever spoken at a wedding, our little squirrel fell.  He landed with a thud just behind the second bridesmaid, directly in front of the bride’s family, and just as quickly as he fell, he was up and running back to his tree.  

Laughter nearly overtook me.  It was one of those laughs that you must contain quickly.  A laugh fueled by the humor of a squirrel falling from a tree during the wedding ceremony.  And by the emotion of the day.  A laugh that had to be squelched at all cost.  

The bride and groom never knew about their wedding crasher.  They were so wrapped up in the love and beauty of the day that even a tumbling squirrel couldn’t intrude.

Happy Anniversary Jackie and Corey!

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