Friday, October 19, 2012

A new lens

I got a new lens for my camera and had to get out yesterday and play a little bit:)

The chickens were puttering around in the yard when they suddenly ran back into their house.  When I looked up, I saw this hawk flying around.  This is the rascal as he left the premises. 

This tree stand sits at the edge of the woods right beside our driveway.  I get some silly satisfaction when I jog pass the hunters sitting there in the winter.  I just wave and tell Bambi to run the other way.

The tree stand is just to the right of where I'm standing to take this picture.  I was playing around in Photoshop to make the picture look old.

I never get tired of the moss in the trees.

Chicken photography is so difficult.  These girls just won't stand still.

The walnut crop is just wonderful this year.  That is if your idea of wonderful is having hundreds of rotting black baseball size ankle twisters in your yard!

We have traveled a lot this year and in the past month I have been away more than I've been home.  In the words of Johnny Cash, "I've been everywhere, man"!  I have pictures to share from San Francisco and Yreka, New Orleans and Cozumel, Lanai and Oahu.

It sure feels good to be home, though.  It felt good to get out in my own backyard, taking in all of its beauty and imperfections.  

And, speaking of imperfections, I think I will get started on those walnuts...


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  1. cool pictures, the "old" one really does look old. :) let us know if you want some walnut-picker-grandcamper-helpers. oh, and they just dropped the part of the tree trunk next door that I've been waiting on - boom! - exciting! ha!