Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Philly's Terrain

After my fun weekend in Philadelphia with Jackie and Corey, I have been having fun at home catching up on the yard work.  When I am home it seems like grass and weeds grow at a reasonable pace.  But, let me leave town and there is some sort of growing fever that attacks my little farm in the country.  The place almost looked abandoned when I got back.

I've got most of it all whipped back into shape, though, and even got a little extra work done.  I had to get ahead because....I'm leaving town again tomorrow.  Gotta love it!

Today I sprayed weed killer around some walnut trees, in the garden, and down the middle of our gravel road.  I cut back some rose bushes and lantana, picked up some moss and sticks, sprayed bug killer around the garage, swept down the spider webs, and knocked down the dirt dauber nests, (dirt dauber?  dirt dobber? mess maker?),  replaced the light bulbs in the garage light fixtures and cleaned out the light covers.  THEN, I did a dreaded job -- I cut back the ivy that grows up a brick wall.  I dread that job because spiders and wasps live inside the ivy.  The first thing I always do is spray bug killer all over it, then wait a little while.  I am always tempted to just cut it all down, but I really like the way the green ivy breaks up the expanse of white brick wall.  If it would just stay put and not grow so fast!

* * * * *

One reason I have so much energy for my yard is because while in Philly, Jackie and Corey took me to Terrain.  Wow!  It is an outdoor decorator's paradise!  We ate lunch in a greenhouse there and then wandered around, just taking in all of the beauty.  Terrain is owned by the same company as Anthropologie.  If you love one, you will love the other.

Don't I look like I love this place?

The gift shop.

The plants.

The people :)

Jackie and I were talking about how to decorate in a way that would feel like Terrain.  I think the key is to have a cabin in the woods, add some twinkle lights, then spend a million dollars making the place look casual and rustic.

No problem with the woods and the twinkle lights.  Well, it's a start!

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