Thursday, December 8, 2011

Toilet Wars

Today, I am so thankful that we are having carpet installed in our upstairs bedrooms.  It has been a long time coming and this is the realization of something Daryl and I have dreamed about for years.

With that said...

I see how dirty this toilet is, too.  I have known it was going to be replaced, but didn't think that I might take a picture of it.

We are also, having flooring installed in the bathrooms which includes removing the toilets for the day.  When we knew we would have to do that, we decided to buy a new toilet to replace the 40-year-old blue toilet in the guest bathroom.  

Daryl has a problem with laws about things like toilet tank size and he really doesn't like it that we are getting rid of a working 5-gallon tank toilet.

This was our conversation as we moved the 40-year-old blue toilet outside:

Daryl:  I'm not throwing this away until I am satisfied that a new one flushes right.

Me:  But this one isn't coming back in the house.

Daryl:  I'm not throwing this one away.

Me:  But this one isn't coming back in the house.

Daryl:  Well, all I know is that I'm not throwing this one away.

Me:  I guess you can use it outside, then.

Daryl:  I'm going to do an experiment.  I'm going to connect the tank to the downstairs toilet.  If it flushes better, I will replace the old tank with this one.

Me:  You think we are going to have a blue tank on that toilet downstairs?

Daryl:  No, I will take it somewhere and have it painted white.

Me:  The rest of the world is getting by with smaller tanks.  We can too.

Daryl:  I'm not throwing this one away.

I may need some help with this one.


  1. it would make a pretty planter on a corner of your garden plot! lol! :)

  2. Garage sale. I am seriously l-ing-ol.

  3. want me to craigslist it for you??? lol!